Dagmar Dahle is an artist living in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Her work draws on natural history, the history of painting, and the intersection of art and craft traditions.  Recent solo exhibitions inlude Weaving Van Gogh (Akau 2006, Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery 2008, Stride Gallery 2010); Lost.Bird.Collecting (Southern Alberta Art Gallery 2006). Recent group exhibitions include ANIMAL (Museum London 2011); On Your Marks (Southern Alberta Art Gallery 2010).

Dagmar'spoetic prose piece Painting John Brown Painting, on the work of Toronto painter John Brown, was published in Ars Medica, a journal of medicine the arts and humanities in Spring 2010. 

She has been a professor in the Department of Art at the University of Lethbridge since 1997.

She can be reached at mail@dagmardahle.ca