A Chronology of Gowns and Bird Extinctions from 1500 to the Present

The artist book titled A Chronology of Gowns and Bird Extinctions from 1500 to the Present was originally published as a hand-bound limited edition book in 2001 as part of Crows, a collaborative project for Ace Art (Winnipeg). A second, updated and expanded edition of the book was published through Blurb in 2011. The book documents all the birds that have become extinct since 1500. The bird drawings are placed in chronological order of the date of the species’ extinction. Each 50 or 100 year time period is represented by a dress or gown from the same period.

The entire set of original drawings of the same title have been shown at Kenderdine Art Gallery in 2011 and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in 2006 (see Lost.Bird.Collecting and ANIMAL in EXHIBITIONS section).

The second edition of this book is available through Blurb books online in softcover and hardcover Click on these links to preview the full book or to order the book through the Blurb bookshop.

Chronology of Gowns and Extinct Birds book
Title page
Date page example
Dress drawing example
Extinct Birds Chronology
Dress drawing example
Extinct Birds Chronology
Extinct Birds Chronology
Extinct Birds Chronology
Extinct Birds Chronology
End page drawing